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Heard on the grapevine: So good you can’t go just once!

How many of you have been on a trip of a lifetime and wished you could go back? In our latest In The Saddle Heard on the Grapevine blog we hear from some of our clients who have been lucky enough to return to a destination that they love! We hope that their confidence in a location inspires you to book the trip you have always wished for…

A stay at Los Alamos is one of our most popular trips, and it is no wonder that people return time and time again. The beaches, the food, the hosts and the horses all make for the most spectacular holiday and Una Curran confirms this, especially having already booked her next trip out. “This was my fourth trip to Los Alamos and again it did not disappoint and exceeded expectations,” she says. “It was my first experience of a winter break at Los Alamos and I was a little concerned that I would be cold and it could be bleak. We were very lucky with the weather, but from the roaring fire in the lounge to the heaters in the rooms and the lovely warming winter food my fears would have been unfounded no matter the weather. Our only regret was that we had booked a short break instead of the full week! It is a fabulous experience and I now feel part of the Los Alamos family and I can’t wait to return my second home – only seven months before my next trip!”

The beach riding at Los Alamos is second to none

The beach riding at Los Alamos is second to none

For Georgina Smith, she returned to Los Alamos for the second time in a year to enjoy the Train and Ride trip and it didn’t disappoint! “Fabulous riding once again,” she says. “I rode five different horses for the riding out, all of whom were very fit, well-mannered, responsive and fast when you wanted them to be but with complete confidence that the brakes worked! I really enjoyed all the riding whether that was walking through the forest or having a blast up the firebreaks, the beach riding was amazing as ever – everyone galloping with big smiles on their faces! All the team at Los Alamos go out of their way to make sure we are matched well to our horses and to ensure we have the best rides possible – even tacking them up in the very early dark morning so we could get to the beach for a good tide.”

“The training part was excellent and I learned a lot. I had asked if I could try flying changes as this is what I am working on at home – and by the last lesson that is what I was doing. Antonio is amazing, his eye for small details when you are riding is second to none and the horse you ride is a perfect schoolmaster – ask correctly and it is lovely. This was the second time I’ve been to Los Alamos in a year and won’t be the last – I can’t imagine having a better holiday!”

The terrain is varied at Los Alamos

The terrain is varied at Los Alamos

Another fan of the Train and Ride trip is Natalie Hudd who is on her second trip! “Rachel, Andrew and Rhiannon are incredibly accommodating to all the guests, and Rachel is unbelievably adept at matching guests to the right horses. The downside of this is that there are at least four horses at Los Alamos whom I would like to take home! This is in addition to two horses at Antonio’s yard where we had our lessons. Once again, I found the lessons to be brilliant at improving several aspects of my riding.”

The balance of training and trail riding provided the perfect way to de-stress for Gilda Kelly. “The three training sessions with Antonio were full on, both mentally and physically taxing,” she admits. “It was a privilege to ride on his incredible and very forgiving stallions who always tried to interpret any poor aids but when you get it right… oh my goodness! Then the rides through the forest were a real antidote, with time to absorb what had been taught and think about how to improve before the next lesson, as well as just enjoying the lovely countryside on happy, well behaved horses.”

“The beach rides were exhilarating, especially when the tide was just right on the last day, there were smiling faces all round. Rachel and the team were terrific and constantly trying to match us with our perfect equine companions. Most of us rode a selection of different horses during the week, which was a treat. This was my second visit to Los Alamos but first Train and Ride week. The majority of our group were on return visits, which shows how well the holidays are run. You are made to feel like part of the Los Alamos family from the time you arrive and encouraged to make yourself right at home. Relaxation starts from the moment you get off the plane in the Spanish sunshine and continues (with the exception of Antonio’s lessons) until you fly back into a rain storm at Heathrow! Start planning your next trip immediately.” Ok Gilda… if you insist!

Exhilarating beach rides at Los Alamos

Exhilarating beach rides at Los Alamos

Africa is said to get under your skin, and it certainly has for Linda Parker who returned to Macatoo in Botswana for her third trip! “Mod has an uncanny ability to match horse and rider but will immediately change if you are not happy,” she says. “All the horses are fit, forward going but with brakes when you need them. I loved the fast morning rides and our group was well matched for the pace we did – sometimes very fast, long canters and gallops and some quiet walks and trots in the afternoons. We got to canter across the plains with zebra, which was absolutely amazing! This was our 3rd trip to Macatoo in 6 years and unbelievably it exceeded our expectations again. All the staff are helpful, kind and good at what they do. Our guide, Sekongo, was outstanding. We now have lots of new memories to store and enjoy in the future. There really are not enough superlatives to describe the Macatoo experience. We have said each time will be our last (lack of money and advancing age) but who knows!”

Macatoo gets under your skin!

Macatoo gets under your skin!

And heading to another area of Botswana, Barbara Tollett is a huge fan of the Tuli Trail at Limpopo. “This is an amazing adventure riding from camp to camp amongst plenty of game on beautifully schooled horses, guided by experts – quite perfect! The horses at Limpopo are beautifully cared for and schooled. Louise has an expert eye for a horse and manages to pair horse and rider very well. My horse Monate was a gentle kind horse with enthusiasm and manners. He was so balanced and uphill to ride it was a joy to be in the saddle for 6 hours a day! We were in tented accommodation, but they are large walk-in tents with comfortable beds and hot bucket showers with lanterns to provide light. It makes you feel part of the bush and not just an onlooker! This was my second time doing the trail, it was brilliant the first time but I think this time it was even better!”

Limpopo has a huge fan base, and Caroline Ramsay just can’t seem to keep away! “This was my third time at Limpopo and it was just as good as the last two. The horses are exceptional and Louise is brilliant at matching riders with their horses. They are incredibly well cared for and obviously enjoyed their work. We saw loads of game and the pace was just right. The food was fantastic – how they cook so well in the bush is beyond me! I cannot really imagine going on any other holiday now! It is so special.”

The Tuli Block is famous for spotting elephants

The Tuli Block is famous for spotting elephants

For Sarah Grant she is hooked on the Argentinian Adventure after a return visit to Los Potreros. “The riding was as much fun this time as the first time I came to Los Potreros. The horses are a pleasure to ride, forward-going, sure-footed and happy in their work. We had plenty of fast, exciting rides as well as doing some cattle work and some polo and even a moonlit ride. Riding over the hills in the late evening light can’t be beaten – it was really beautiful. Los Potreros is the last word in homely comfort. I had such a welcoming, comfortable room and everything is thought of. I arrived in need of a real rest and couldn’t have asked for more relaxing surroundings. I loved seeing the mares and foals outside my window! And coming back from a rainy ride to a blazing wood fire was wonderful. The food and wine was as good as ever – of course I had far too much of both. Los Potreros is a really special place for anyone who loves horses, good food, beautiful scenery and good company. It was my second trip and I loved it as much as the first time. Everyone is very welcoming and life really does feel effortless there. I was so sad to leave!”

Los Potreros is a special equestrian adventure

Los Potreros is a special equestrian adventure

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Heard on the grapevine: Kicking off the season

If you are pondering where to go, which trip to embark on or how best to see some of the world by horseback this year then hopefully comments from our past clients will help make the decision easier! In our latest blog, we hear about trips across the globe, from trekking in Spain to thought-provoking challenges in Romania…

Somewhere that is not often considered as a destination for horseback riding is Romania, however Peter Lewis had a fantastic adventures when he booked the Equus Silvania centre based ride. “I thoroughly enjoyed the riding and rode four different horses over the five days.” He tells us. “All of them were well behaved, responsive and forward going. As someone who hasn’t been riding for long, but keen to improve, I found the mix of paces excellent and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to “let the horses run” – although my legs were feeling it a bit at the end of the week!”

“Transylvania was great riding country, with quite a lot of climbing through forests to beautiful view points and the chance for faster riding on the lower meadows,” Peter explains. “Although the accommodation was not “five star” it was perfectly appropriate for a riding holiday – clean and comfortable with en-suite facilities and the food was filling and tasty. Juliane, Ame, Tilmann, Tabea and Theresa were very friendly and made me feel completely at home .The visit to the bear hide was great (we saw 11 bears) and the site seeing at Sighisoara and Viscri gave a great insight into Romania. I was also able to squeeze an extra half day sight seeing at Brasov.” Sounds perfect for combining riding and some cultural experiences to learn more about this wonderful country!

A trip to Romania is memorable for all the right reasons

A trip to Romania is memorable for all the right reasons

Another destination that is still relatively undiscovered for horse riding is Hungary, and if you like varied riding then take note of what Mrs Winup says… “The countryside was excellent, long sandy lanes perfect for long canters and gallops, beautiful woods and wide open fields and common grounds where you could let the horses go. Accommodation was in a rustic farmhouse – think white washed walls and local knick knacks – simple but clean and perfectly in tune with the local surroundings.” As with any riding holiday fitness can make a difference, as Maria Harvey found out. “The riding in Hungary was fantastic, but you do have to be fit. Expect your muscles to ache, but a great massage will sort them out midweek. I rode 6 different horses and felt completely safe on all of them, although I did have a favourite!”

Hungary is relatively undiscovered

Hungary is relatively undiscovered

Spain is well known for its equestrian culture, exquisite food and great wines, and all of our In The Saddle trips to Spain combine these important elements to create the perfect horse riding holiday. Although well known for it’s fantastic beach riding, Spain has other hidden treasures as Sarah West found out when she took part in the Alpujarra Ride in the Sierra Nevada. “My husband and I had a fantastic holiday,” she says. “The scenery is absolutely stunning and each day brought with it very different views and terrain. The group was a perfect size and lovely mix of ages and riding experiences, giving us plenty of conversation along the mountain tracks, not to mention in the evening over a glass of Tinto de Verano.”

Of course having the right horse always makes a difference and this is something that is carefully thought out. “Dallas has such a good understanding of the personality of each of the horses,” Sarah goes on to say. “She was able to brief us all on our allocated horse before setting off. By the end of the week we all understood the personalities of each other’s and agreed we’d been perfectly matched. The riding challenged us all in different ways with long canters along mountain tracks, steep inclines/declines, narrow mountain paths, and a good number of hours per day in the saddle. We each finished the week having learned something from our horses. If I didn’t have a flight home booked I might have stayed forever! “

If a week is too long however, why not do what Amanda Volkmer did and book onto the Poqueira Sierra Nevada Short Break. “This was the most amazing experience I’ve ever been able to be a part of,” she says. “I would do it again in a heart beat… Dallas and Janette were wonderful people and guides and the stables and horse were beautiful and well maintained.” What more could you want?

The Sierra Nevada offers a wonderful view of Spain

The Sierra Nevada offers a wonderful view of Spain

Going a little further afield, Costa Rica is thought of for beautiful colours, sunshine and a tropical vibe – but also, for Dawn Burdyshaw, as a haven for horse riding! “The entire holiday exceeded all expectations,” she says. “The country is amazing. Our guide, Hector, has unlimited knowledge and explained everything with great understanding and enthusiasm! Anna, our cook, produced the best food, was accommodating, friendly and took very good care of the house and guests. The horse master, Stanley, was the BEST! He was fun, witty and took us on fabulous rides! It was hard and sad to leave!”

Beautiful scenery and wonderful horses in Costa Rica

Beautiful scenery and wonderful horses in Costa Rica

They do say that horse riding is addictive and far more than just a hobby, and for Helena Broad a recent trip to the Azores was, in her words, life changing, and rekindled her passion for equestrianism. “Although I had chosen a learn to ride week (I was returning to riding after an 8 year absence), Christina and Steffy scheduled half day rides for me so I spent less time in the indoor school,” explains Helena. “This was exactly what I needed! Christina and her team spent a great deal of time and thought matching riders with mounts. They took into account what I’d asked for when I filled out my rider profile form, and after seeing me ride, they challenged me a little more each day. It was a privilege to see horses so well cared for and loved, many of them have had an unfortunate start in life and bear the physical scars but have certainly fallen on their hooves living at the Quinta!”

“São Miguel Island has some fabulous scenery, and the ride leaders always checked that the riders were happy,” Helena says. “Steffy happily chatted away about the flora and fauna, and told us about life on the island. I was in a fairly advanced group and we had some fantastic canters and gallops, particularly next to Sete Citidades. The meals were fantastic and always ready on time, and you must take the time to give Vivaldi an apple or pear in the evening. I am so pleased I chose this holiday, I had a fantastic time and it has reignited my passion for horses. I will return to Quinta da Terca.”

The food, hosts, horses and scenery are fantastic in the Azores

The food, hosts, horses and scenery are fantastic in the Azores

For a trip that is as spectacular out of the saddle as it is in the saddle, then Suzanne Segerstrom recommends Castellare di Tonda in Italy. “Riding through the Tuscan landscape is so beautiful, it’s almost surreal,” she explains. “Jess and Matteo made sure that we had an amazing experience both in and out of the saddle – they took great care of us out riding, but on days we were rained out, they were our tour guides to experience other sides of Tuscany. Long views across valleys and long canters across a field or up a road will feed your soul and the food was so good that my trousers don’t fit anymore”.

An Italian adventure to remember at Castellare di Tonda

An Italian adventure to remember at Castellare di Tonda

And last but by no means least, the Balkan Rides in Bulgaria is a ride that was introduced to us in 2013 and has proven to be an insightful adventure, as Eleanor Green explains. “I loved my horse, who was forward going but easy to stop and didn’t pull,” she says. “The horses are mostly Arabs and Shagya Arabs and all seemed capable and happy. They are pretty tough animals and are very used to being tethered at night or during lunch breaks. There is quite a lot of cantering so you do need to be a confident rider and the terrain is a mix of open fields, woods and heath/scrubland. You ride through some pretty dense undergrowth so long sleeves and chaps are a good idea! It is rural Bulgaria so the food is rustic, it’s not haute cuisine and the service is pretty informal (and slow on occasions) but portions are large and as a vegetarian, I had no problems. Bulgarians love cheese and it is in everything so it helps if you like cheese! Each day had some non-riding activities, visiting caves, monastery, preserved villages and craft centres, Veliko Tarnovo and the waterfalls so it is a good holiday if you are interested in the region and want to learn more about the country as well as riding. The countryside appears to have been almost completely depopulated with lots of abandoned and neglected land and villages which was a bit sad to see, but it does need make for good riding! You need to be fairly laid back and accept that rural Eastern Europe is in a time warp in terms of some elements!”

You can ride almost endlessly in Bulgaria

You can ride almost endlessly in Bulgaria

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Heard it on the grapevine in May…

With our In The Saddle clients jetting off all around the world we often receive details of amazing sights, exciting trips and fabulous hints for other travellers. We hope that these fabulous snippets of real experiences and useful advice will give you valuable insight into some of the trips available, and help you make the decision of ‘where next’ that little bit simpler…

Sheena Barnett recently travelled across the very eastern part of Spain on the Mediterranean Trails ride. Full of diversity, this region offers the chance to see medieval fishing villages, rocky coves, pine covered hills and long sandy beaches – all set against the beautiful backdrop of the Pyrenees. “This was my fourth riding holiday with In The Saddle and definitely the best,” Sheena said. “We crossed deep rivers and cantered for miles on a deserted beach and weaved between pine trees at a crazily fast canter. We had wonderful picnics under the trees followed by lazy siestas and delicious three course meals with lashings of wine in the evenings. If you like beautifully behaved forward going horses and long hours in the saddle with varied terrain and challenging riding then this is the holiday for you.”

Med trails
As one of our best selling holidays, we weren’t surprised to hear what a wonderful time some recent clients had when visiting Los Alamos in Spain. Riding out whilst viewing the beaches of Cape Trafalgar, across to the coast of Africa, this trip offers the tranquility needed to escape from everyday life, together with some of the best beach riding in Europe! “The holiday superseded our expectations,” commented Janine Sharpless. “Fellow guests became friends. To top it off the locals had a Feria (Fair), which our hosts took us too – what a bonus!”

Mrs Pawley was impressed with the quality of horses and of course the riding, “The horses were extremely well trained and looked after,” she says. “They were forward and responsive yet calm and collected. It amazed me that they would stand calmly waiting for instructions from the lead guide before a long gallop and not get fizzy but when the time came to go they were spectacular. I will never forget the horses or the experiences that I was able to have. A true inspirational holiday, did not want it to end.”

And of course meal times are a priority when you have spent all day in the saddle, as Jo Atkins confirms. “Every meal was superb,” she states. “We were treated like royalty when out – nothing was too much trouble and the ‘wobbly chocolate’ (Hot chocolate and Baileys) lead to wonderfully relaxed strolls home!”

Meanwhile on the breathtakingly beautiful Island of São Miguel in the Azores, Janice Hill was embarking on the Green Island Trail which offers six days of exploration around the lush green volcanic countryside viewing glistening blue lakes, black cliffs, rugged mountains and hot mineral springs. “I think the amount of riding was just right – any more might have been too much but equally I go on a riding holiday to do lots of riding so did not want too much time just to chill out,” Janice explains. “Plenty of canters although most of them were uphill rather than on the flat – very fit horses – the ones I know at home wouldn’t have managed the number of uphill canters. The food was incredibly good, the picnics were fab too and they took us out Thursday evening to a lovely restaurant in Ponta Delgada all included in the price.”

Azores - Cete Cidades
For something “out of this world” as Sarah Le Fevre described it as, Tour Israel shows you some of the most breathtaking sights of this relatively undiscovered country. Explore from Nazareth, through the hills of Galilee to the Jordan River and the Sea of Galilee. “Spectacular location and some of the best vegetarian food I have ever eaten,” says Sarah. “All the Arab food – which is the overwhelming majority of food on this trip was utterly excellent. Great care and thought has gone into the trips planning: there is downtime as well as riding time and other sight/experience time. The Tzefira Pool, Masada and the sun rising in the Judean Desert will stay with me for a very, very long time.”

Brazil isn’t the first place you think of when picturing a riding holiday but Tracey Campbell is pleased to have discovered two of the most beautiful rides in the world. Canyons and Waterfalls provides trail riding through spectacular mountain scenery in Rio do Sul, while the Bahia Beach Ride is known for its golden sands and emerald seas, so provides travellers with possibly the best beach riding on the planet! “I was lucky enough to do both rides,” Tracey told us. “I was amazed at how much I enjoyed Brazil, the place has a good vibe. Paulo and the other guides all do an excellent job and because of the expanse of the place in most areas it is not necessary to ride in a long line. I will definitely return to Brazil to do the other rides. The people of Brazil are very friendly and welcoming.”


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You have to be in it to win it: Jennie Phillips blogs about her trip to Los Alamos

Having attended the Riding Holiday Show in November 2012, reading Jennie Phillips’ story will certainly inspire you to enter any competitions that come your way! You really never know if it could be you…

Having pondered the prospect of a riding holiday for some time, in 2012 Jennie Phillips decided that she was going to investigate what was on offer and attended the Riding Holiday Show on the recommendation of a friend. “We travelled to London and when we arrived we got a raffle ticket to enter us in a draw for lots of different prizes. I didn’t think any more of it and enjoyed a lovely day looking a t the various destinations on offer. One particular venue stood out for me and that was Los Alamos in Spain, so we took information away to consider and that was that!”

“Not that long after I received an email saying I had won a prize at the show,” Jennie goes on to say. “To be honest I didn’t believe it was real and left it in my inbox for a few days. On reading it further I realised it was genuine and was absolutely delighted. The prize was a weekend break for two people at Los Alamos in Spain, the very trip we had been looking at anyway!”

Jennie and her friend decided to extend the short break to a weeklong stay and pay the difference. “The whole trip was brilliant,” she says. “ There are thousands of acres of sandy forest tracks available to ride on, as well as the beautiful beach fronts! The horses were really fit and up for it, while still being well behaved and safe. We rode for about four hours each day and the hosts could not have been more friendly or helpful! We could see why people return time after time to Los Alamos, in fact there was another lady staying at the same time as us who was returning for her tenth time! She had even bought her horse from them and taken it back to England!”


“The riding was really exciting,” Jennie states. “The beach was brilliant and Jose, the guide, knows the horses so well that he can offer great instruction without you feeling as if you are in a riding school. I would class myself as an intermediate rider, I have ridden all my life and competed in eventing and dressage at a low level, and the riding was perfect for me! There were some really exhilarating moments, one time we galloped through a big lake – it was unexpected but fantastic!”

“I can’t say enough for the people at Los Alamos,” Jennie explains. “The food was really good, it was relaxed and had everything you could want to eat and drink, the family run set-up was brilliant and they even took photos of you on the beach that you could buy and take away as a memory of the trip!”

“I definitely have the bug for riding holidays now,” Jennie says. “While I would love to have the chance to go back to Los Alamos, I would also like to try something new, perhaps France or Italy next, or maybe even Ireland! I had such a good experience through In The Saddle that I can’t wait to get out there and see more!”


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Beat the January blues

January is the month that everyone dreads, the ‘hangover’ from a fun-filled Christmas and New Year celebration, cold weather and seemingly endless dark evenings, not to mention getting back into work after a break. However, January is also the time to make plans and look forward to new adventures! We have picked out a few destinations to help you choose where to go depending on the month you want to travel…

January – March
If your priority is to get away as soon as possible then during the first quarter of the year, from January until March, one of the best destinations to travel to is South America. With good weather all year round, there are plenty of opportunities to embrace your adventurous side, from Argentina to Ecuador and Brazil to Costa Rica!

In particular Argentina is a wonderful place to visit during the early months of the year and this is where the legendary Across the Andes trip begins. This is the last season of this trip – which provides riders with a wondrous journey across one of the world’s greatest mountain ranges – so to experience the challenging terrain and mythical explorations you will need to act quickly.

Setting off from Estancia Huechahue in Argentina, you will get to see wonderful vistas and sleep beneath vast skies, enjoy long canters across the wide landscape and feel part of Argentina’s historical culture. As you cross the border and end your trip at Puente Barras in Chile you will notice the dramatic change in landscape, from wide-open mountainous land to lush green temperate rain forests. If you are looking to see South America’s flora and fauna at its most natural then this trip is one to embrace this year!

SABRAPMonte Negro 042

April – June
As the seasons change, April, May and June are the perfect months to plan a trip to Europe’s fourth largest country, Spain!

Horse riding is deeply ingrained in Spanish culture so there are a wealth of destinations for you to choose from – from the Southern province of Andalucia to the coastal hills of Catalonia, Spain also offers some of the best beach riding in the world and the chance to ride some of the famous native horses. The spring in Spain offers beautiful sunshine and pleasant heat without the humidity that you can get in the height of summer – making it perfect for a vacation early on in the year.


Situated south from the Granada, the Sierra Navada is the highest mountain range in Spain and exploring it by horseback provides breathtaking views, particularly during the Spring. See beautiful wild flowers stretching across valleys, ride through ravines and spot new season wildlife – the Sierra Nevada is an outdoors enthusiast’s paradise!

The riding follows ancient Moorish drovers’ paths through steep valleys filled with Mediterranean almond and walnut groves, up to high pastures irrigated by the snowmelt! Each day you embark on a new adventure, crossing challenging terrain, enjoying freshly made picnics surrounded by beautiful scenery and on to a different village inn where you will be welcomed with open arms and supplied with local food and wine – which after a day of riding, you will be ravenous for! The Sierra Nevada stimulates the senses and offers an idyllic location to hide from the hustle and bustle of everyday life!


July – September
This third quarter of the year, Kenya plays host to one of the most spectacular natural events in the world!

The Maasai Mara wildebeest migration crosses from Tanzania to Kenya during the late summer and this is something that can only be truly appreciated by witnessing it first hand! Kenya is a beautiful country to explore by horseback and, unlike many other safaris, is not on managed reserves – which means you benefit from interacting with the Maasai tribes people as well as seeing nature roam totally wild amongst the plains.

Kenya 06 ITS 045
The Maasai Mara is thought of as one of the most outstanding game reserves in the world – you can expect to see wildebeest, zebra, gazelles, giraffe and the giants of Africa – the elephant. The migration usually means vast quantities of plain game, and of course predators too making wildlife spotting an exciting exercise! There are several venues that give you the perfect platform to be part of this natural phenomenon, from mobile safaris to camp based trips.

Kenya is spectacular to visit throughout the year, however if you are looking for that once in a lifetime trip then July, August and September will exceed your expectations!


October – December
As we approach the end of the year there is still time to fit in one last jaunt before festivities consume you once again! During October, November and December experienced riders can embark on a spectacular exploration across the vast countryside of Tunisia, with the wide-open space of the desert and saltpans providing the perfect location for any speed demons!


With almost half of Tunisia being part of the Sahara Desert you can imagine the kind of vast open space that will greet you on this trip. The Desert and Mountain Oasis Ride is in the southern interior of Tunisia and is one of the fastest trail rides we have been on! Ride across wild wind blown desert landscapes to welcoming oasis towns that appear on the horizon, and see how the locals live in this arid desert location.

Riding the famous Barb Arabians that are as fit and as lean as lithe race-horses, you will get the chance to enjoy fast canters and gallops every day of this trip, mixed up with slower riding across some of the more challenging terrain – this ride is not for the nervous rider, however your bravery will be rewarded by some of the most exhilarating riding of your life!

Tunisia is the perfect way to end your year and offers an escape from reality, even just for a short while!


For more travel inspiration visit 

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The final countdown to the Riding Holiday Show 2012

On Saturday 3rd November, the Royal Overseas League near Piccadilly in London will host the UK’s only exhibition dedicated solely to equestrian travel. Brought to guests by horseback holiday experts, In The Saddle, the show promises an action packed day full of information about inspirational equine adventures all across the globe.

With over 37 different riding outfitters coming to the Riding Holiday Show, attendees will feel like they have travelled around the world and back, with representatives visiting from Tunisia, Argentina, France, Italy, America and Africa – to list just a handful! To see the full list of exhibitors click here.

Visitors will all be entered into a range of exclusive competitions, including the chance to win a £5,000 Safari at Motswiri in Botswana for two, a short break at Los Alamos in Spain for two, and goodies from Ariat, Just Chaps, The Safari Store and Cotswold Outdoor! In addition, goody bags will be given to every person who walks through the door containing exclusive show vouchers to help you save money when purchasing all your riding holiday packing essentials!

As if this wasn’t enough, throughout the day there will be a full schedule of presentations from all manner of equestrians, including Olympic medallist Mary King, Cor Carlesen from Limpopo Valley Horse Safaris, Anna Wirth from Rocking Z Ranch in Montana and Major Richard Waygood MBE! Click here for a full timetable of presentations and to plan your trip to the Riding Holiday Show 2012.

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Five of the best… European Riding Holidays

You don’t have to stray too far from home to experience the thrill of an equestrian adventure, Europe has many hidden gems that are just a short plane ride away. Here we have put together our favourite destinations for riding holidays that you won’t forget…

Los Alamos, Spain

Where? The Atlantic coast of Southern Spain plays host to an exhilarating and exciting horseback holiday combined with the perfect dose of relaxation. Situated on the edge of la Breña National Park, when riding at Los Alamos you will enjoy views of the Cape Trafalgar beaches and across the coast to Africa!
Why? Los Alamos offers some of the best beach riding in the world with well-trained horses and a relaxed atmosphere giving visitors the chance to escape areas of mass tourism and experience the relatively un-touched rural Spanish lifestyle.

Chateau Chazelles, France

Where? This beautiful ancient ‘chateau-fort’ is situated in the Haute Loire department of the Auvergne region on the Massif Central, which is home to medieval French towns, gastronomic cuisine and historic monuments, making this holiday ideal for experiencing the local area and enjoying some fantastic riding. Why? Ride well schooled, quality horses along tracks through wooded valleys, past Roman villages, onto open pastures and through gorges – the terrain is varied and gives travellers plenty to feast their eyes on.

Equus Sylvania, Romania

Where? Explore the Carpathian Mountains and Transylvania, the only place in Europe, west of Russia, where widespread populations of wolves, bears and lynx roam.
Why? Embark on daily adventures amongst the breathtaking and un-spoilt countryside, armed with saddlebag picnics and excitement for the day ahead. Riding fit, well-trained horses along gorges, through forests, across alpine meadows and into remote mountain settlements will give you a taste for the lifestyle of this beautiful country.

Where? Experience magnificent views, from snow capped mountains and volcanoes, to lunar landscapes and waterfalls. Catering for a variety of riding standards, combine relaxing in northern Iceland with sightseeing, or challenge yourself on adrenalin fueled trail ride in the highlands.
Why? Iceland is home to the traditional Icelandic ‘tolting’ horses, which offer a unique experience that every rider should experience at least once in their life! Their willing attitude and strength provides riders with tremendous fun and the tolt is a fast gait that is comfortable and enables the horse to cover great distances.

Cilento Ride, Italy

Where? This delightful hilltop farm is situated in I Moresani, south of Naples and overlooks the beautiful Cilento National Park. This area on the coast of Italy, provides views out into the sea in a series of dramatic headlands and broad sweeping bays.
Why? With four itinerary choices there is a holiday to suit all equestrian enthusiasts, from the Campania Relaxed Ride, which integrates early morning rides with relaxed afternoons by the pool, to the Cilento Journey, which takes you through the breathtaking National Park. For something a little different, combine your riding holiday with cookery classes to learn the art of delicious Italian cuisine.

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