A day out to Fairbank ghost town

This morning was a real treat as I met Arizona Bill down at the chuck wagon for a cup of coffee by the campfire. Bill is such a great character and told me all about the history of Tombstone and how the founder of the town (Ed Schieffelin) was buried under the stone monument just a short walk from the ranch.


After a delicious breakfast I headed down to the corral to meet Dave the Wrangler and Ness, another guest here at the ranch. We were the only two signed up for the all-day ride and so were lucky enough to have an almost private ride. We headed out towards Fairbank, an old ghost town a few miles away.


The riding was absolutely wonderful and it was amazing how we covered such different terrain in only one ride. We travelled along old railway rides, washes created by rivers and through some bush. After a couple of hours in the saddle we arrived at the old ghost town of Fairbank and unbridled the horses which gave us the chance to look around before lunch.


Lunch today was a packed lunch of sandwiches, crisps and some ice cold drinks. It really was great after a few hours in the sun. Afterwards we tacked the horses back up and mounted ready for the journey home. It was important to drink plenty of water (which was provided in our saddle bags) as it was getting warmer. It took us another couple of hours to get back to the ranch, which allowed us several opportunities for longer trots. Once we arrived back it was time to water the horses before they were brushed down and turned out.


I am so enjoying my time at Tombstone Monument Ranch and you can read about my first day here:

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and my stay at White Stallion Ranch:

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Becky Clarke is a Travel Consultant with In The Saddle and is visiting Arizona to experience the riding at White Stallion Ranch, as well as their sister ranch Tombstone Ranch. She will also visit Tanque Verde Ranch. We look forward to hearing all about her stay.

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  1. Celia Horner

    How do we book this?

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