We all have a competitive streak!

On my second full day at White Stallion Ranch, I took the opportunity to wander around and see the whole place and everything that was on offer.


As well as riding, there are plently of other activities to do as well. The ranch has it’s very own tennis and basketball courts, a fitness centre, swimming pool and hot tub to mention a few. It is also possible to play golf and go rock-climbing (at an extra cost).


After lunch it was time to get serious – team penning serious! I had a different horse this afternoon, his name was Tally and after getting to know one another, we headed into the corral. Russell True explained to us how team penning worked and gave up some tips before splitting us into groups of four. We then had three runs each to cut the cattle and get them into the pen. It was so much fun and because it was timed, we all got very ‘into’ it!


We wrapped up just before dark and headed in for our barbequed steaks!

It really was so much fun – a must do at the ranch!

You can read about my previous days at White Stallion here:

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Becky Clarke is a Travel Consultant with In The Saddle and is visiting Arizona to experience the riding at White Stallion Ranch, as well as their sister ranch Tombstone Ranch. She will also visit Tanque Verde Ranch. We look forward to hearing all about her stay.


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4 thoughts on “We all have a competitive streak!

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