Seeing The Big Five… ish

After long goodbyes, I reluctantly left Ant’s Lodges and I have now been at the wonderful Wait A Little for a couple of nights – and already I have seen so much!


We spotted a lioness from horseback – she had 5 cubs with her

On safari at Wait A Little in South Africa there is a good chance of seeing the Big Five. The term ‘Big Five’ refers to the five largest and most dangerous animals: lion, elephant, buffalo, rhinoceros and leopard. In just two nights, I’ve seen all 5…ish!


A young bull elephant at Xidulu Lodge

On the seven night safari,  you stay for two nights at the beautiful Xidulu Lodge which overlooks a dam; perfect for spotting game.


Two male buffalo cooling off – an exciting sighting from horseback

The horses are really brave and well behaved in front of game, so you can often get closer to them than if you were in a vehicle. The horses are great at standing calm and still, which is perfect for taking photos.


A black rhino spotted during a game drive

Taking a game drive is great for when the horses are resting. You can also travel further into the reserve.


And finally, the leopard….tortoise!

Unfortunately we haven’t seen a real leopard yet as they are very shy, but we did see this wonderful leopard tortoise pictured above. We still have a couple more days, so I am keeping my fingers crossed I’ll get to see the final member of the Big Five before I leave.


Many thanks to Lucy for this first report from Wait A Little. We hope you get to see that elusive leopard!

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If you wish to read more about Wait A Little, click here.

Lucy Downes is a travel consultant with In The Saddle and is in South Africa visiting Ants Lodges, Wait A Little, Garonga Lodge and also a beach lodge in Mozambique. It’s an important part of her job and someone has to do it! We will send more reports as she sends them to us.

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