Riding Holiday Show

The Riding Holiday Show

The Riding Holiday Show

The next Riding Holiday Show is in London on Saturday 12th December 2015. The event is an opportunity to discover the range of riding holidays all over the world. From beach rides in Europe to ranch holidays in the Rocky Mountains and horseback safaris in Africa.

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Meet the guides and talk to fellow riders. There are rides for all ages and riding abilities. There are rides for all budgets, for families, groups, couples and singles.

Current exhibitors include:

Arizona – White Stallion Ranch
Argentina – Estancia Los Potreros
Azores – Green Island Trail
Botswana – David Foot Safaris
Botswana – Limpopo Horse Safaris
Botswana – African Horseback Safaris | Macatoo
Botswana – Ride and Walk | Motswiri
Brazil – Ride in Brazil
Bulgaria – Alfa Centaur
Ecuador – Hacienda Zuleta
Ecuador – Ride Andes
France – Cerf Cheval
Hungary – El Bronco
Iceland – Ishestar
Ireland – Castle Leslie
Italy – Castellare di Tonda
Italy – Rendola
Jordan – Jordan Tracks
Kenya – Borana
Kenya – Ol Donyo Lodge
Montana – Rocking Z Ranch
Morocco – Sport Travel
Mozambique – Mozambique Horse Safaris
Namibia – Namibia Horse Safaris Co
Naibia – Okapuka
Portugal – Alcainca
Portugal – Monte Velho
Romania – Carpathia
South Africa – Cape Winelands
South Africa – Horizon
South Africa – Wait A Little
South Africa – The Wild Coast
Spain – Los Alamos
Turkey – Akle Teke Horse Centre
Uruguay – Coastal Estancias

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